Thursday morning we awoke to this announcement, and are still in a ridiculous stage of giddiness and disbelief. 

The voting is closed, the results are in, and we have ourselves a winner! Since our Battle of the Bands contest started, it’s been a flurry of activity: listening to entrants, debating amongst ourselves, and — from time to time — drooling over that huge QSC speaker rig. But the time has come, and we’re proud to reveal the winner of the first-ever zZounds Battle of the Bands...CREATURE CAMP!
— Zzounds

This whole adventure started with an email in LeAlan's inbox. He entered us into the competition and forgot to mention it. A few months later Adam group texted us all asking who ZZounds was and why they were posting us as Top Ten Finalists in a Battle of the Bands contest. From there it has been a wild and crazy ride.

Initially we just made a few posts on Facebook and Twitter trying to garner votes, but we didn't get as much traction as we wanted. Then Chris came up with the idea of promoting it through a video.  We brainstormed some ideas and was able to shoot and create the video in a 24 hour period, with the help of Cory's video editing skills. 

We posted the video on Youtube and Facebook and it exploded. We quickly had over 6,000 views and it was being shared all over the place. By the day that voting closed, it had over 15,000 people reached. Then we waited... Thursday was the day of the announcement. We all sat at our desks and workstations at different employers around Birmingham and refreshed the announcement page over and over. And at 11:05 am, five people stood up and cheered in the midst of their coworkers. WE HAD WON. 

Check out the announcement at: