Creature Camp EPK

Video - Psychic Waves

Teaming up with St. Vincent & Polyphonic Spree producer, Daniel Farris, Creature Camp's debut single pumps waves of shimmering synths that dance around aggressive, energetic bass lines. The singing, as visual as it is visceral, hooks the chorus to create a tower of sound that collapses into chaos, rolling a tide of psychic waves onto the dance floor.


"Its tentacles nestled in the ground so deep that it could feel the heat of the Earth, the creature loomed tall over the village, unwavering in its torment and demand for sacrifice. As the village panicked, 5 heroes armed with guitars, synthesizers, and the voices of broken angels stood outside and stared the creature in its 27 eyes.

It squealed in anger, opening its mouth to reveal razor sharp teeth spinning and whipping about like a demented buzz-saw. Membranes encircled its head spreading so wide that they eclipsed the Sun. The creature descended to attack.

But then the creature felt the sounds, dreamy and melancholy, but with an upbeat groove... and it began to dance. And the villagers danced. And then the preachers danced. And then everyone danced.

And in one final motion, the creature loosed the Earth and propelled itself back to Michigan, never to be seen or terrorize another soul again."

-Excerpt from diary of the Village Elder known as "Paul"

Condensed Bio

Creature Camp uses tangy, synth driven hooks to bring a frenetic energy to the dance floor. Described as "The Cure went Surfing" by B-Metro Magazine and inspired by Future Islands, LCD Soundsystem, and Philip Glass, Creature Camp is Rock at its core with a synth pop, post punk, and minimalist sillhoutte.  


Image courtesy of B-Metro Magazine